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So since I'm playing a kleptomaniac dwarf, I realized that in any potential interaction, there's a good chance of Nori stealing something from any character he manuevers into arm's reach of. As these objects belong to other characters however, I don't want to godmod him lifting things, no matter how skilled he might be. However, I also don't know what those objects might be, so I figured a special permissions post might do some good!

Nori has notoriously sticky fingers, and no matter what it is, if he can reach it, it'll probably be disappearing into a pocket very soon, never to be seen again. He may or may not be swayed to give something back, and is likely to initiate a chase across any given village or country if he's noticed. And don't mind if later your character discovers an object somewhere other than where they put it- it's a bit of a game to him.

To make this simple, I compiled a short form to fill out! Just copy and post it to the comments below!

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BGS 108: (0)
October 29th- Nori is born.

BGS 73: (35)
October 29th- Nori hits majority.

BGS 67: (41)
Warring states period ends

BGS 62: (46)
Kicked out of Ered Luin
Adopts alias Sawamura Sunao

BGS 60: (48)
First Shinobi War begins

BGS 56: (52)
First Shinobi War ends

BGS 55: (53)
Meets Maniwani

BGS 49: (59)
Returns home

BGS 48: (60)
Ori is born

BGS 46: (62)
Mother dies

BGS 40: (68)
Leaves Ered Luin

BGS 36: (72)
Second Shinobi War begins

BGS 27: (81)
Second Shinobi War ends

BGS 21: (87)
August- Third Shinobi War begins

BGS 16: (92)
January 3rd- Third Shinobi War ends

BGS 15: (93)
Leaves Ered Luin

BGS 12: (96)
Adopts alias Naka Akio
March- Hyuuga Incident meddling

BGS 4: (102)
Adopts alias Nagata Kin

BGS 3: (105)
Maniwani disband

AGS 2: (110)
-Threaaaaaaaaads go heeeere

May- Fourth Shinobi War starts


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